Must Asked Questions When Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Clinic

When thinking about removing unwanted hairs on your body, laser hair removal is now the best thing in the market. It’s painless, a time-saver and permanent. But before doing this “life-time” decision, you must know where you can find the right clinic for this treatment. In this article, you will know all the right questions that you should ask to your dermatologist. After all, your beauty is in their hands.

Credentials and Qualifications

The first question to ask when you are in a clinic is the certificate, credentials and qualifications of the dermatologist. You must certify that the clinic you’re going in is qualified to use the laser and has been approved by the authorities and if the one who will treat you had medical training.

Type of Laser

The second question to ask is what type of laser they use. It is important to ask this because not all lasers are compatible to all the skin types. Some are only applicable to white to medium skin tones and some are better with brown to dark skin.


The next question to ask is what are the possible risks with the treatment. You should never go to a clinic that says that there are no risks of having treatments with them. There are always risks when having a medical procedure and that includes laser.

Total Cost

The last thing to ask is the overall cost of the treatment. You should ask all the additional costs and the future treatments you will have including the medications and creams you will need to buy.

Now, list down all the top permanent home hair removal systems clinics you want to go to and ask all of them the same questions. Compare their answers and cut down your list. Consider also the recommendations of your family and friends because you can be sure of all the details they have to say. Choosing a clinic and deciding whether to take laser hair removal treatments should not be rushed. After all, there’s a lot of money and time that would be involved, not to mention your body and safety.


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